Dad's Travel Centers - Save a dime, every time

When you use any of the cards shown below to pay for fuel, DAD’s Travel Centers can help you save 10¢ per gallon every time you’re at our pumps. With three options to choose from, we’re sure there’s a choice that’s right for you.*

* Fleets are excluded from discount program.

Credit Card

Sinclair Credit Card

How it works:
This card works at the 2,600 Sinclair stations nationwide. It offers a 0% interest rate, as long as you pay the balance in full each month. You’re always dealing with Sinclair, not a bank, so you can pay your bill by calling Sinclair or online at

And when you use this card at DAD's Travel Centers, you’ll also get a 10¢-per-gallon discount at the pump.

How to apply:
Applying for this one is easy, simply go to Sinclair’s online application form. Be sure to click “I agree to these terms” on the bottom left of the signup form, or you won’t be permitted to continue.

Sinclair Platinum
Visa Card

Sinclair Platinum Visa Card

How it works:
This is simply a Platinum Edition card, and it works anywhere Visa Cards are accepted. The card’s terms are clearly spelled out for you when you continue to the application form, using the link below.

When you use this card at DAD’s Travel Centers, you’ll get a 10¢-per-gallon discount at the pump every time you use it to pay for fuel.

How to apply:
Applying is simple. Go to Sinclair’s Platinum Visa application page. After clicking the “apply now” button on Sinclair’s page, a screen will appear that asks for a location and employee. Simply ignore those fields and hit the continue button.

Advantage Card

Sinclair Advantage Card

How it works:
The Sinclair Advantage card is a PIN-secured debit card that is linked to your checking account. Transactions will show on your bank checking account statement just like any other checking account transaction. This program is completely free – no interest charges and no signup fee.

And, of course, when you use this card at DAD’s Travel Centers, you’ll also get a 10¢-per-gallon discount at the pump.

How to apply:
First, obtain an Advantage card from a cashier at DAD’s Travel Center. You will need to bring a valid driver's license/state ID, and a blank personal check. After you have done this, go to the signup link below to finish the enrollment. You’ll need to enter information from the in-store form to complete the online portion of enrollment.